Founded by marketing analytics and consumer digital behavioral experts we take a data driven evolutionary approach to media.

We love Innovation

The rate of change in the world today is the slowest it will be and so we love innovation. If you'd like to discuss pushing the envelop, please contact us..

DoGood Media at a Glance

DoGood Media is the world’s first and only integrated media company.  Powered by proprietary advertisers marketing technology, we provide publishers with billions of high-quality, incremental advertising opportunities

Owned and Operated Portfolio of Cross-Screen Media Brands

  • Rapidly growing sites, apps, and CTV apps based on Recommendation Engine
  • Sites: MatchedCars, TVGlee, TVMinutes, MiiMD, PrankVideo, SunnyGardens
  • Mobile Apps: Super Pop Quiz Android App
  • CTV Apps: Roku and Amazon Fire Apps
  • 360 and VR Sites:

Owned and Operated Panel

  • Large, rapidly-growing, engaged, and persistent user (panel) base across all
  • U.S. demos and geos
    • Mobile App, Browser Plugin

Recommendation Engine

  • Drives massive scale to websites, facilitating the development of significant media brands

CTV Recommendation Engine

  • First and only third-party traffic source for connected TV publishers


  • White Label integration with other panel companies

Leading the Industry Forward with Disruptive Innovation

  • Q3 2016 Recommendation Engine

    Powered by Recommendation Engine, MiiMD, Tvglee, and Tvminutes launch
  • Q4 2016 Industry's First CTV

    Industry's First CTV Recommendation Engine pilot runs on internal publisher property
  • Q2 2017 First Mobile App

    Launch First Mobile App Game integrated with DGM ecosystem (Super Pop Quiz)
  • Q3 2017 Client Pilot

    First publisher client pilot of CTV Recommendation Engine running (industry’s first ever traffic solution for Connected TV) 1st publisher client pilot of VideoLoyalty. 25 days later 5th publisher client signs Recommendation Engine pilot for first external publisher
  • Q4 2017 First Top 20 Publisher Begins Scaling with Recommendation Engine

    Recommendation Engine signs first big 20 publisher (total of four publishers sign up since August)